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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 15, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
The client is one of the four talents of the company, the handsome and elegant Tencent Game King. In recent years, it has created many industry myths with its talent and professionalism. But at this time, Tencent Games is still borrowing the LOGO whatsapp Database of its brother Tencent. It is inevitable that it is easy to be confused. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a brand image of Xiuwaihuizhong. two. The pear is big: the logo is the core of the brand's expressiveness, and in the company, the logo proposal is even more long and strict. Before us, the martyrs had come up with dozens of plans day and night, but they all failed to achieve their ideals. At this point whatsapp Database the project is in a bottleneck period. When we join the project team, Yali will not be small... three. Bystander fans: First of all, with the help of the students in the user research group, we conducted some research on the brand of Tencent Games. No matter what the project is, sorting out and handling opinions from all sides is a major factor in the success or failure of the project. During this period, we also took a lot of detours, such as the transition to divergence at the whatsapp Database beginning (we are all dreamers), not enough to analyze the elimination cases, and repeat the same mistakes. Faced with a choice, I did not have the courage to make a bold selection. Lack of communication, hard work, leading to passive. So in this case of mid-term intervention, it should not be done in a way whatsapp Database that takes over a new project. You should try to see the previous case as your own previous proposal. Learn from it as a client and minimize the scope. You know, we're here to solve a problem, not to create a new one. Because the entire project team has already output too many plans, and finally eliminate the confusion of opinion points and divergent directions. We carefully selected a small number of proposals for the first formal proposal. Yes, choice is necessary, but too many choices will also cause trouble for customers. For example, a product has countless models lined up, and a product has three models whatsapp Database of high, medium and low grades. How will you choose? Taking this proposal opportunity, we put the proposal in the second place and Kan Dashan in the first place. Fully communicate with the customer (here the customer refers to the project demander). We want to help customers sort out whatsapp Database their problems. As a professional, it is a dilemma for non-professionals to choose. Therefore, since customers put forward their views and opinions, it is a guide to help customers sort out and solve the following matters.
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Mim Chowdhury

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